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/snickers lightly at her reaction and shakes his head/ D-don’t let the m-mask fool ya, toots. I’m actually not as psych-chotic as I seem. EhheheheheheheHeHEHEHEHAHA!!!

{ Retrieving the appendage with a visible cringe, she quirks an undyed brow in suspicion. } A mask, huh?

nickinewyork-deactivated2014013 told me: "Ya know, I thought today was goin' good. But I didn't know it was goin' so good to see you back."

Could put a gal on Cloud 9 with that kinda’ talk, ya’ big schmaltz.

{ After doling out an affectionate shove, she reaches for a hug, thrilled to be back with her boys. }

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Ooouuuhhh. H-hello there! H-h-how are you, b-beautiful?

{ Eyes wide as saucers at the emergence of a particularly peculiar character, she lifts a wary hand to shake, Southern manners winning over her aversion. } I’m just, ah… peachy, Pink.

Anonymous told me: "um hi. i asked Bone Daddy who the members of his gang were and he told me to ask you."

Big lug’s too busy ta talk with a cube, huh. Fig’yas. ‘Side from those knuckleheads Nicki an’ Drey, ya’ got yours truly— though a little bird did sing word a’ Red’s brotha’ afta’ I cut the can.


:: Here he was, lulled into a false sense of security by the lighter pathways of her fingers when he all but turned into plywood at her words. Tension couldn’t stop the assault of the joint though, and a primal grunt escaped against his forearms as he writhed in recoil away from it.::

Shit girl… ::Words hissed, bucking back his shoulder against her touch with the request::

Don’t play so rough, you got to at least get me goin’ before you do shit like that.

{ like the chime of a bell her laughter rings out, dwindling as she leans over to purr in his ear, torso pressed flush to the tensed muscles of his back }

Ain’t that how ya’ like it, Big Daddy…?

{ the gang leader himself had played a large part in fostering the female’s sadistic streak— though it was something rarely displayed without a balisong in hand to point out her intended target. However, as she’s the inclination to test her limits tonight, the teasing continues }

Maybe all those sandwiches are makin’ ya’ a little soft.

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Gidge knows how to spoil a man. 


Don’t settle fa’ anything less than steak~

Nothin’ but the best fa’ B.D.~ ♥

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/grins lightly, his ears flipping forward to listen to her with interest before he relaxed again, continuing to chew on the smoking apparatus in his mouth as if it were a poorly-placed bit/

Sounds legit. It’s been a pleasure, miss.

Right back at ya’~

{ flicking her half-smoked cigarette to the concrete, she tosses the equine a lazy salute before pulling an about face— ponytail bouncing as she takes leave with a skip in her step }

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/chuckles, a sincere smile crossing his face as he leans back in his stance, then decides to try and pop his back into place/

He sure is a fascinatin’ fellow, ain’t he? Heh. /looks into the distance in thought, then flicks his ear lazily/ Well, if yeh ever need a shop or somethin’, yer welcome t’any of my places any time. Got it? /offers a grin/ Any need of Vengeance’s has become mine.

{ observing his physical tics with poorly hidden interest— in wonderment of how alike he is to the horses with which she’s so familiar— she nearly misses his offer, blinking owlishly before flashing a smile of her own }

I’m booted, big guy— ya eva’ need an extra pair a’ mitts, mine are free, dig me?