The Little Girl with Big Ideas

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/grins lightly, his ears flipping forward to listen to her with interest before he relaxed again, continuing to chew on the smoking apparatus in his mouth as if it were a poorly-placed bit/

Sounds legit. It’s been a pleasure, miss.

Right back at ya’~

{ flicking her half-smoked cigarette to the concrete, she tosses the equine a lazy salute before pulling an about face— ponytail bouncing as she takes leave with a skip in her step }


/chuckles, a sincere smile crossing his face as he leans back in his stance, then decides to try and pop his back into place/

He sure is a fascinatin’ fellow, ain’t he? Heh. /looks into the distance in thought, then flicks his ear lazily/ Well, if yeh ever need a shop or somethin’, yer welcome t’any of my places any time. Got it? /offers a grin/ Any need of Vengeance’s has become mine.

{ observing his physical tics with poorly hidden interest— in wonderment of how alike he is to the horses with which she’s so familiar— she nearly misses his offer, blinking owlishly before flashing a smile of her own }

I’m booted, big guy— ya eva’ need an extra pair a’ mitts, mine are free, dig me?


Ah, fellow mechanic, eh? Wonderful t’hear, babe.

I think I like you more already /gives a dry chuckle, then sobers/

Fergive me f’bein’ so… y’know, grumpy earlier. I - uh - I don’t trust humans. I have a feeling I could get along with anyone from Vengeance, howev’r. Just a speculation. /smirks/

{ at the other’s halting, but clearly sincere apology, she looses an airy giggle— unperturbed by his initial aggression }

Big Daddy knows how ta pick ‘em, that’s fa’ sure.

{ she hasn’t the slightest idea where he might be coming from, but having come across a fair share of characters in her time with Vengeance, she’s developed the understanding of a saint }